Anniversary Session - Rusty & Charlene

Rusty was 12 yrs old , Charlene was 14 yrs old. She started babysitting for his younger sisters and although Rusty was with his friends all day, at night after Charlene's boyfriend would leave, Rusty and Charlene would talk until his parents came home. They were good friends until Charlene was a senior in high school.She was in a car accident with her boyfriend, and the night they brought her home from the hospital by ambulance, Rusty was there. On the other side of the road , he was on his bike, just watching, too shy to approach her parents to check on her. Nobody, not even Charlene knew he was there. Rusty knew he wanted more than to be just friends, but he didn't think a senior would ever consider a freshman for a boyfriend. It was on her 18th birthday that he showed up at her house on his motorcycle, to give her a decorative doll that she had wanted from a local store. He asked her if she would be interested in more than a friendship. She canceled a date with a friend and said YES! They dated for a year and a half. Charlene would babysit down on silver Ridge and Rusty would go to see her everyday on his motorcycle, rain or shine.  Sometimes he would ride his motorbike in the snow, just to see her! They always talked about buying a bigger motorbike and riding off into the sunset. November 16 , 1979 they were married. They have raised two children, and have two grandchildren. Still riding a lot of miles on a motorcycle, they ride off into the sunset almost nightly on warm summer nights. The best part about being married to your best friend, is realizing all along you are soul mates! It has not always been perfect , but it has always felt RIGHT!   ~ In the words of Charlene and Rusty

Are you crying yet? Because I am. My heart has been truly blessed by Charlene and Rusty. There love for one another continues to be evident in their every day life! I took great joy in being given access into their beautiful relationship with one another. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to do an Anniversary Contest was to help couples recognize the young love that they still share. I wanted to capture the joy and love that a couple shared when they first began dating:

1.  The grin that appears on their face because they can't help it

2. The way she laughs at his jokes just because she thinks he is cute

3. The security she feels when she is wrapped in his arms

4. The way her hand fits perfectly into his

5. Pulling her in for a kiss just because he can

When you look at their pictures, you can truly see the way they are still sharing that young love with each other!

Morgan Livezey