Kristen Graham: 2018 Senior Representative #4


Please allow me to introduce my fourth and final 2018 Senior Representative, Kristen Graham! She may appear shy at first, but this young lady loves meeting new friends. Kristen's smile lights up any room, and her friendly personality makes her easy to love. 

Throughout high school, Kristen has really enjoyed playing sports and getting to spend time with family and friends. Softball is her favorite sport. Kristen also loves to get away with her friends and going four wheeling. Kristen is really going to miss seeing her friends everyday next year, as she ventures off to Eastern Maine Community College to pursue a career as a Sonographer. 

When I asked Kristen what she learned most from high school, she responded with this: 

I learned that people will judge anything you do or wear... As long as it makes you happy, those people shouldn’t matter.

It was really neat to hear her response! Most teens would respond with a textbook answer, but Kristen responded genuinely. High school is so much more then learning how to read and write! High school experiences and relationships form character. I am happy to see that Kristen has allowed high school to build her character, not destroy it!

I am so excited to have Kristen with me this year. She is a great asset to this group of beautiful, young ladies. Continue to follow Kristen on her journey as one of my 2018 Senior Representatives! 

~ Morgan

Morgan Livezey