Oh, Henry!

Guess what?! After years of waiting, I am finally an aunt. My sister and her husband got a puppy...

 That probably wasn't the news you were expecting to hear.

Well here's the thing, neither was I (haha).

Since they gave him a human name, I feel like I now deserve the title auntie, even if he is just a puppy. Henry may not be the baby I was hoping him to be by now, but he sure is a cute puppy. Brooke and Billy surprised us with Henry's arrival one night, as we drove from Maine to Pennsylvania. One by one we walked into the entrance of their house and were all surprised to see a puppy in Brooke's arms. 

When they told us his name, I couldn't help but giggle. They named their dog Henry? I never would have guessed that. Even though his name is more hipster then I had expected, it keeps growing on me. Little Henry may be a handful, but he is also a bundle of joy. If you can't tell from the pictures already, he loves to keep busy. However, nap time is a serious matter to Henry, and he makes sure he includes a few of those into his daily routine.

For example: After Henry has climbed on top of you and bites your nose at around 6:00a.m., he likes to run around and bark till 10:00a.m. Then at 11:00a.m. he settles down for a nap, just like clock work.

Henry is one of a kind. He is constantly wanting to be loved and have attention. He is a puppy, so he gets plenty of that anyways! Like most puppies, he is going through his stage of testing the parental waters. I'm only the aunt, and I have already found myself saying "Oh, Henry" too many times to count. He may make messes and cause chaos, but auntie Morgan will always love her little Henry. Welcome to the family, Henry. 

~ Auntie Morgan

Morgan Livezey