2018 Senior Representative: Elise Crawford/Camden Shoot/ Maine Photographer

This girl makes me smile. Elise is so whittie! I spend most of my time laughing at her constant jokes and humor . I had so much fun with her and the girls in Camden, ME. We strolled along the sidewalks, stopping at any great backdrop! A biker chick even took a selfie with us!!! 

Sarah Bouchard and Elise dolled up all the girls. Countless people would stop and ask the girls if they were models! We had so much fun laughing together, eating some yummy food, and taking tons of pictures. One of the spots was on the Camden sailboat docks. The older crowd was enjoying their lunch, while watching the girls model on the lower deck. The sailboats and ocean view looked so beautiful behind them!

I am so glad Elise signed on to be one of my senior representatives. Elise and her family were childhood friends. They moved away in high school, and  Elise and I have been able to reconnect and spend time together because of this experience. I am so glad we had the chance to slow life down and have some fun!

~ Morgan

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