Miss Olivia/ Mentor Session/ Maine Photographer


Mentor Session

Miss Olivia

Coffee and friends make the perfect blend.

Meet Olivia. She shares a passion for photography. She also shares a passion for all things yummy. We were sure to stop our session, to indulge in some coffee and hot chocolate! 

Olivia and I first met when I was hired to photograph her family. I was still very new at the time in my career, and they were kind enough to give me a chance. Recently, Olivia has decided to act on the passion she has for photography. I was so excited when she began messaging me, asking about my job. I love sharing my job with others who are excited to get started. Ever since her first message and before that, Olivia has been practicing on family's and crafting her style. 

I am so glad she decided to do a mini introduction, mentor session with me. We braved the cold weather and had some fun discussing style/lighting/business. Olivia is absolutely beautiful inside and out. She loves people, which is why this job would be perfect for her. She has such a big heart. Spending time with Olivia felt like I was spending time with an old friend. Conversation was easy and we had so much fun discussing the joy photography brings us. 

I am so excited to see where this passion leads her. I can't wait to catch up with her again, even if its not about the job. This girl is a gem and a new friend! I am so thankful that I have a job that brings beautiful people into my life. 

~ Morgan 

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