My Favorite Past Session of all Time!

I was sweating it! This session was my first ever indoor shoot as a photographer, and I was a crazy mess. My nerves were ruling my body. I didn't know if I would rock it or utterly fail. It was my first time dealing with finding natural light sources in an indoor area. 

Mandy (the mother) contacted me for pictures of her little girl, Olivia. Olivia is the sweetest little thing. She takes dance, so naturally her mom wanted pictures of her daughter, in her element. She wanted to use a local dance studio. I had never been to the studio, so I had no idea what I was walking into. Thankfully, Mandy was so relaxed and kind when it came time for me to take the pictures. 

Olivia was a doll! She took a little time to get comfortable. Once she did, she began to shine. This session is and will always remain a favorite of mine because of this little girl! To me, nothing is sweeter than a child who is enjoying themselves. Nothing is more innocent then a little girl who loves dancing, even if she doesn't have all the right moves yet. 

Olivia reminded me of myself. We were both starting out, learning something new. She was learning to dance and I was learning to photograph! Together, we captured beauty, we captured life, and we captured love. I will always be truly thankful for this sweet mother, daughter duo!

~ Morgan

Morgan Livezey