Kaine & Halle - Engagement Session

Last weekend in Monticello, ME, I had the privilege of capturing Kaine and Halle's beautiful snowy engagement! They were troopers! The temperature that day was about 10 degrees, and it was cloudy! Then, snow began to fall. I was happy for the snow on that day. It gave this couple a magical winter glow to match their adorable love story! ~ Morgan

Their love story written by Halle:

"In the summer of 2014 I was taking summer classes at NMCC, and was assigned a project with a girl named Laken Kingsbury. We became friends and a few months later i received a text message from Laken. She asked if I had a boyfriend, and when i told her no, she was quick to say that I needed to meet her brother. We did a double date at their grandfathers sugar shack, and after supper we spent the rest of the evening driving around his hometown getting to know each other. We made plans to meet the next weekend, and we have been dating ever since.

On December 18,2016, Kaines grandparents had a christmas party at their home and we stayed till around 4. When he brought me home, we went over to my barn and he said he had something for me. When we walked into the barn, there was a Bradbury Barrel inside and i was so excited! (I had wanted one for christmas!) Kaine gave me a card, and while i was reading the card and trying not to cry, Kaine turned the barrel around to expose a big 'K' and an 'est.' I was quite surprised and in just a moment he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him."


Morgan Livezey