Makenzie Conroy: 2018 Senior Representative (#1)


Meet my new friend, Makenzie. Makenzie is from Caribou. This young lady is full of smiles. One of my most favorite features on this young lady is her smile. From the moment I met her, to the moment she left, a smile never left her face! And can I please comment on her gorgeous dimples?! They are to die for!! 

Makenzie is such a friendly and outgoing young lady. She loves to try knew things and put herself to the test. It only makes sense that she would be a cheerleader and be involved in pageants . A friendly, outgoing personality with lots of smiles is a great combination for that. Makenzie showcases many of her talents in hobbies while on stage. She loves to play her piano and sing along. Sometimes she will even put a little twist on a well known song, just to make it her own. 

As Makenzie looks towards her senior year and reminisces about high school life, she says she will miss the friends she has been with everyday in high school. Friends are what make high school memories in my book! She also commented on the fact that she will really miss "...having freedom, without all of the adulating." Makenzie also believes in keeping family close throughout life and high school! As she stated, "They are the only constant in any stage of life. They have been and will be there through thick and thin."

After high school, Makenzie plans to pursue a degree in Elementary Education at the University of Maine, Presque Isle. I am so excited to see this young lady chase her dreams and goals in life! That smile and drive of hers will continue to open up so many doors! I am super excited to be apart of this young ladies path through life.

Stay tuned to Makenzie's journey as one of my 2018 Senior Representatives! 

~ Morgan

Senior Rep Meeting Images with both Makenzie & Ellen: 

Morgan Livezey