Ellen Hatfield: 2018 Senior Representative (#2)

Hello Friends,

I am happy to introduce you to my new friend, Ellen! She is a Houlton, ME resident and attends Houlton High School! Not only is this adorable young lady outgoing, she is also an old soul! Ellen is a huge fan of the 70's and likes to reflect that in her day to day style. Ellen also chooses to express herself by being a devoted dancer and dance teacher. She loves the art form of dance. She describes it as "a great way to express myself...it has taught me to have confidence." 

Ellen is a highly motivated young lady, which is a huge reason for why I chose her as one of my representatives. Ellen said, "In everything I do, I try very hard. I never do something halfway. I like to make sure everything is perfect for other people or myself." She carries that attitude into the teaching, mentoring and volunteer positions she is involved in. 

As Ellen looks towards her senior year, she is continuing to search out every opportunity available for herself for college. Whatever path she chooses, Im sure some sort of art and communication with people will always be apart of it. As Ellen stated, "I am ready to move on and experience new things... but I will miss being close to my family and friends." Ellen really values family and her time spent with them. She does everything with them and finds importance in strong relationships with each family member. I am sure leaving such a close bond will be difficult, but I know her family is so excited to see her spread her wings and fly!

I am so excited to have Ellen be one out of four ladies to participate in my 2018 Senior Representative program.  She is a beautiful soul inside and out, and I am so excited to be working with her! Continue to follow her journey with me.

~ Morgan


Senior Rep Meeting Images with both Ellen & Makenzie: 

Morgan Livezey