Elise Crawford: 2018 Senior Representative (#3)


Let me introduce you to my third 2018 Senior Representative, Elise Crawford. This girly girl, hipster comes from the most whity family I know. If you already know her, you know that Elise is full of smiles and loves making those around her laugh! She loves laughing herself, which is why you can't help but enjoy yourself around this sweet thing! 

Another part about Elise's personality is that she is a "fun seeker" and super adventurous! Of course, like any other girl, she loves to shop. But besides shopping and doing girly things, Elise loves the freedom nature brings. She loves to go on adventures with her sister: swimming, dirt biking, and hiking. Her relationship with her sister is very important to her. Elise says, "She is my rock, my go to, my best friend...Everything we do together is an adventure. Even if we fight, we get over it in two seconds." I just love hearing that! My sisters are my closest friends, so it is very easy to relate!

Even though Elise has really enjoyed all that high school in Bangor has had to offer, she is really looking forward to pursuing her college dreams. Elise is looking to attend Boston University and pursue a degree in Dermatology. And lets not forget her dream to have a bunch of puppies and kids in ten years with her man Gabe! ;) But as much as her dreams are calling her, Elise still continues to enjoy family, friends, soccer, basketball, clubs, treating her mom for dinner every once and a while, and striving for high honors, as she grows closer to graduation. 

I can't wait to work with Elise for my 2018 Senior Representative Program this year! She has already proven to be a great addition to this group of young ladies!

~ Morgan


Elise with Photographer Morgan & Hair and Makeup Artist Sarah: 

Morgan Livezey