Gurney Family Portraits/ May Apple Blossoms/ Maine Photographer

I received a message from a husband in need of a Christmas gift for his wife. I love when people contact me for gift certificates. It is always a nice surprise for the recipient. I sent him one and time went by. Winter melted away and spring came around the corner. Before I knew it, I received a message from that husband. I penciled him in for an apple blossom session and prepared myself for the session day. I had never met his family before. All I knew was that I had a mutual friend or two on facebook with them (yes, I facebook stalk occasionally).

The session day came. I had them meet me at the local gas station and follow me to the location. Little did I know, they lived right next to the apple trees I was taking them to. They had moved into the area a little while ago and were living a mile from my house! How crazy is that? They were living a mile from my house and I had never bumped into them before?! I guess small towns still aren't as small as you think.

I am so thankful I had the opportunity to meet the Gurney family. Miss Claira is adorable. Her curly red hair and sweet smile stole my heart. Nick and Allissa were so kind and easy to talk to. I really enjoyed the time I spent photographing this little family. They warmed my heart, and I hope to bump into them again soon! 

- Morgan 

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