Makeup Artist: Bris Beauty/ Senior Stylist Team/ Brianna Landry

Meet Brianna. Brianna decided to join my team of Senior Portrait Stylists this past year. Her, among others, are on a list of talented young professionals that I love working with for my sessions. When a client comes in need of a stylist's services for their session, ladies like Brianna are on my call list. Brianna does a beautiful job. She sees the potential in each persons facial beauty and understand how to draw it out. I have really enjoyed getting to know Brianna more, and seeing her craft. Brianna is also available to hire for engagement sessions and maternity sessions.

Now, let's hear from Brianna:

"I’m a momma of a one year old little man and a newborn little girl! I’ve always been interested in makeup, but once I started working in Sephora, that’s where my love for makeup started! I love makeup and doing peoples makeup because it really can change how you feel about yourself, and I really think that is an amazing thing!"

I am so excited to have Brianna on my team. I can't wait for all of the memories we are ready to make on this year's Senior Representative Shoot this Saturday. 

Morgan LivezeyComment