Growth In My Brand/ Website Facelift/ Think Brighter/ Morgan Lynn Portraits

The cold temperatures have slowed life down for me. I have been able to sit down and focus on reviewing this past year. I am happy with the success my business experienced in 2017 and am thankful I was able to serve so many smiling faces. It was an honor to be apart of so many monumental moments in my clients' lives. In the past year, I also learned a lot . I learned it is important to schedule time for family, friends, and myself. Life moments happen and you need time to juggle it all. People are gracious. When those moments hit during the busiest time of my year, my clients were so understanding and patient to hear from me. The Lord truly blessed my 2017 business year with great people and great moments.

January Announcement - Part 1

I am so excited to give a few updates to my followers. Each announcement will discuss certain changes that my business will experience this new year. I have a small announcement for my followers this week. Many may have been wondering why Elise's session was used as a hint for one of my announcements. I tried to leave my followers wondering. Your wait is over!

My website and blog has undergone a facelift. I have been serving as a photographer for a few years now, but I always find myself learning new things. I strive to present my work as an expression of myself. Creating a personal style is exciting and hard all at the same time. Finding my niche is important, since that is how I hope my followers will come to recognize my work. I am pushing myself to achieve a more light, airy look in my images and online pages. Elise's session is a great example of the soft light I am focusing on this year. Engulfing my photographs with soft light will bring my clients best features into view. A clean slate to present them on makes it even better!  That is why my website has undergone a facelift and why I am focusing on lighter images this year. It may seem small to some, but I am focusing on improving in this area in 2018. 

Light - Simplistic - Timeless 

- Morgan

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