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Best Day of My Life

Please ignore my post cry face in the pictures you will be seeing. As my sister would say, "It's not your fault that your cry is really ugly looking". Let's be real. As much as I hoped I would be a pretty crier on the best day of my life, I wasn't! 

January Announcement - Part 2

I will finally be putting down my camera and putting on a white dress. We are getting married this summer! My amazing fiance is Micah Wiley. We will be tying the knot on August 5th. After our wedding, I will officially be making the move from Sherman to the Greater Houlton area. My change in marital status and move to a new area will slightly alter certain aspects of my business.

My 2018 calendar will not include as many available dates as usual. Planning a wedding, packing myself up, becoming a wife, and growing my business in new ways will be soaking up the majority of my time this year. Therefore, I will only be accepting a certain amount of clients in 2018. I hate to limit my business encounters, but I must. Don't worry! This just means you will need to book well in advance to guarantee a session with me in 2018. I suggest booking five months in advance for all portrait sessions and eight months or more for weddings. I will always do my best to schedule a session for you, even if you don't book several months advance. I just can't guarantee that you will get in during the time or season you desire. The early bird gets the worm. You want to be that early bird this year. 

Thank you for reading my latest announcement. I am blessed to share such exciting news with clients, friends, and family. I can't wait for this year to take off in so many new and exciting directions. Thank you for sharing another year with me. 

- Morgan

Before you exit my bog post, check out our engagement story below in picture form. Backstory: I had to set my camera on a golf cart to capture these shots. Don't judge my skills too harshly, haha!


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