I've Been Busy Making Memories/ College Ball/ My Latest Family Moments

Billy's Senior Night

Some may be wondering where I have been the past couple weeks. Family events have kept me quite busy and I can't wait to share this one with you...

From the time he was in Pee Wee ball, we have been at every single game of my brothers. We were there in the stands with every shirt design and poster you could think up. We were each other's biggest fans. College ball made things more difficult. My brother chose schools outside of Maine. For the past three years, he has been attending and playing for Lancaster Bible College. They are a Division III school. 

The distance changed things for our family. We were not use to being unable to attend his sporting events or being so uninvolved. We had to start following the games online and go to them when we could work it out. My parents and I were recently blessed with the ability to travel down to Pennsylvania and see his Senior Night basketball game. He missed out on his high school ball senior year because of a knee injury. It is a huge blessing to have seen him be able to enjoy his senior year in college. We had so much fun cheering him and his team on that night. Below are images from that day. 

Now my brothers team is working hard this week as they head to nationals this weekend. I am so excited for him. It is such a neat opportunity and I can't wait to tune in to their game online this weekend!  We are so proud of you, Billy. Continue to let the Lord lead the actions and motivations of your team this week... GO CHARGERS!!!!