My BIG Secret Is Out/ Final Business Announcement/ Morgan Lynn Portraits


"You'll never grow in anything if you always keep things the same."


My Big Secret

     For the past two years, I have been giving the direction of my business a lot of thought. I started this career when I was eighteen. Watching it take off and grow has been a special experience. It has been so humbling to see the number of my followers grow from one to over three thousand. I am at a beautiful stage in my career. Now that I have built this business, it's time to focus on the specific direction I wish to take it. I am taking a step that many of you saw coming...

     Going forward, I will officially be specializing in Senior Portrait Photography. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? My main focus and brand will be Senior Portrait Photography. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that I will no longer be providing other photography services.  Wedding photography, family portraits, newborn photography, headshots, and marketing material for businesses will continue to be a part of my business offerings. This just means that Senior Portraits will take precedent with my availability, as I will be working hard at forming a unique senior platform for myself. My goal is to be known for Senior Portraits. That is why more availability will be left open for senior clients. I want to focus on creating  a unique senior experience within my photography business, giving my brand a one of a kind staple. I want fun filled memories for each senior that books with me. I have always enjoyed my time spent with my senior clients and would love to build on that relationship and experience for them. 


My New Senior Experience

     I have designed my new senior experience around my desire to make each senior feel like the center of attention. It's their day. I want to spotlight them. For the past two years, I have been working on what that should look like. I have now designed and added two more packages to my list of session options. I also nailed down some great new "add ons" that any client can purchase and add to their session in order to create a beautiful styled shoot.  


New Add Ons...

My Stylist Team:

Makeup - Brianna Landry

Hair - Sarah Bouchard

     Hiring professionals for hair and makeup is very important. Stylists are taught to bring out your greatest features. They want to expose the most beautiful parts of you. Clients who hire stylists are more confident during their session. They feel beautiful! They accept who they are and look back on their pictures with a smile. 

     I adore these women. They are the perfect pair to be working with my business. Not only do we have all kinds of fun, but they know how important it is to make each senior feel beautiful. I am so thankful for their skill and cheerful hearts. 


Morgan Lynn's Closet:

     I've been waiting to share this specific announcement for a long time. It's important for senior girls to dress well and feel confident at their session. That is why I have taken great strides in making my female clients feel beautiful on their session day. In order to create this experience, this was the missing piece. As a part of this add on, I am now offering the exclusive use of hand picked items from various high-end stores and boutiques. There are no duplicate items in Morgan Lynn's Closet. In the closet, each item is the one and only of its kind. I offer multiple styles for all of my seniors' personalities.  There is an abundance of items already in stock and the closet continues to grow on a daily basis. My closet holds sizes ranging from 0-14. If larger sizes are needed, I am happy to accommodate that need.


New Packages...

Best Friend Senior Sessions:

     Alongside my regular package collections, I am now offering some unique, specialty collections. What would be more fun than having Senior Portraits taken alongside your best friends? Share your senior experience with your closest friend or friends and get more for less. It's a great way to make memories. 

The Ultimate Destination Styled Shoot:

     Do you ever wish you could have a whole day centered around you? Have you ever wanted to be that model on the beach? The Ultimate Destination Styled Shoot is the answer. I will now be offering a day long, coastal session with all the amenities, including makeup, hair, boutique clothing, and more. Hit the coast of Maine and feel the sand between your toes. Visit the beautiful outside library garden in Camden, Maine. Let Cadillac Mountain be your background at sunset. There are so many possibilities to make your session grand and special on the coast of Maine.

     I am so excited for this new direction. I hope 2018 brings forth beautiful weather for all of the special portrait sessions taking place. God bless you and thank you for tuning in to read my final 2018 business announcement. 

- Morgan 

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